Sustainable energy storage enabling a fossil-free future

A real solution of the climate problem with modern and large-scale energy storage  

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The World’s Most Sustainable Balancing Power Enabling a Fossil-Free Generation

Long experience

Pumped Hydro's founders and team has a long experience from developing and operating renewables.

Focus on the future

We are a growing company with employees that are all passionate about enabling the energi transition and a sustainable future


Our unique and sustainable solution

We offer the most efficient and mature technology for storing energy. This storage method is characterized by a low-cost, high-efficiency, large-scale, and a long life-cycle of the plants. 

About us

Pumped Hydro Storage was started by enthusiasts with a background from renewables, and with a strong desire to make a difference in the energy transition. 

A sustainable idea for a greener future

We offer the most efficient and mature technology for storing energy. This storage method is characterized by a low-cost, high round-efficiency, large scale, and a long life-cycle of 60 years. The market potential is in the energy transition, in which fossil fueled energy is replaced by renewable and weather-dependent energy production. 

Energy storage is needed in order to be able to supply energy when it is consumed, as well as to create a balance in the power grid. Pumped Hydro’s solution to this problem is a more effective, efficient, and flexible pumped hydro technology, installed in the abandoned underground mines. With this solution, the company is transforming the mines into a positive asset for the green transition, while at the same time keeping costs down by using existing infrastructure, such as roads and grid connections. 

Pumped Hydro’s technical design is unique as it allows for almost instant response, which enables the company to effectively operate in the frequency regulation markets in order to ensure the balance of our electric grid. Pumped Hydro, thus, has the advantage of being able to create multiple and parallel revenuer streams through storage, energy sales, and ancillary services. 

The company’s customers include power utilities, large businesses and industry, mining companies, closed-loop systems, and islands in the need for a stable supply of energy. 

Said about Pumped Hydro Storage

International Energy Association

Over 2018‑23, more pumped storage hydropower (PSH) plants are expected to be installed for global electricity storage than stationary battery storage technologies deployed (IEA, 2019)

International Hydropower Association

Driven by the increasing penetration of wind and solar, reduced dispatchable generation and the need for greater grid flexibility, an additional 78,000 MW or an increase of nearly 50 per cent of PHS capacity is expected to be commissioned by 2030 (IHA, 2018). 

of all stored electricity is Pumped Hydro
years life-cycle

Lowest cost of storage

Low environmental impact

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