Pumped hydro storage technology for the modern world

The energy system is rapidly transforming to include more weather dependent energy production. This is a positive development from an environmental perspective, but comes with challenges for the power grid. We have earlier explained why the energy transition requires an increased amount of grid storage to bridge the power between high- and low production hours. …

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Meet Pumped Hydro’s Mikael Bergmark

Meet Pumped Hydro’s energy market analyst Mikael Bergmark, who gives his thoughts on what sustainability really is about, and about the prerequisites for the energy transition.   Tell us a little about yourself I’m a recently graduated environmental-, and energy engineer, with a profound interest in sustainability. I’ve been curious about technology and sustainability since I …

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Pumped Hydro Storage selects Sweco Energy Markets for revenue analysis

Pumped Hydro Storage Sweden AB, a pioneer in large-scale underground energy storage facilities, has selected Sweco Energy Markets for a revenue analysis related to a large-scale commercial application. Energy storage by pumped hydro is the dominating solution accounting for over 94 % of the total installed global energy storage capacity according to the International Hydropower …

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Storage enables energy transition

A cornerstone of energy transition is the replacement of fossil-based energy sources with renewables. At the same time, the electrification of society including transportation and industry, means that the consumption pattern of electricity is changing. The challenge stems from the fact that much of the renewable energy production is intermittent, it is unplannable and thus, …

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